Maine Voters Over-Rule Governor on Medicaid Expansion

Sixty percent of Maine voters were successful in making history on Election Day in approving a referendum that expands Medicaid to low-income Maine residents over the staunch opposition of the republican Maine Governor LePage.

LePage has successfully “trumped” the will of the people and vetoed Maine’s Legislative approval of Medicaid expansion five times in the past. In effect, LePage has denied health care to over 70,000 Maine residents.

The Medicaid expansion has been an option of the Affordable Care Act that 31 other states have approved and, as a result, has provided insurance coverage to over 11 million more Americans.

The independent actions of Maine’s citizens in over-ruling Governor LePage sends a strong message that people are tired of autocratic politicians that place their partisan political interests over the needs and desires of citizens.

Advocates of Medicaid expansion in Republican Idaho and Utah (whose Governors have also been opposed expansion) have started similar efforts to place the question on the 2018 ballots in their own states.

photo credit: Robert F. Bukaty/AP

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